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Drinks Are On Us

Why Rye Whisky Tastes Different From Bourbon

by William Fernandez

The best way to determine if a particular type of alcohol is right for you is to try it. Certain types of alcohol have distinct flavors, such as rye whiskey, even if they are made in the same way as bourbon. There are a few distinct differences in how rye whiskey is made that give it a distinct taste.

How Rye Whiskey is Made

Roughly half of rye whiskey is made with rye and the other half of the whiskey is made using other ingredients such as corn. It is then made in a charred oak barrel, similar to bourbon, which plays a large role in how it will ultimately taste. One detail about rye that makes it different from bourbon is the fact that it has a hint of caramel and vanilla not found in the latter.

Another reason why rye has a distinct flavor is that it is known to have a very strong flavor. Unlike other types of alcohol, rye doesn't have age minimums. However, the quality of rye whiskey is affected by how much it has aged. Therefore, the manufacturer might be required to include an age statement on the label.

100% Pure Rye

There is also traditional rye whiskey that is made out of 100% rye. However, this type of rye is considered to be too strong by most and this type of whiskey is usually diluted with other ingredients. It's important to keep in mind that the low distillation strength of the rye brewing process causes it to retain much of its flavor. 

Rye whiskey is sometimes described as being spicy or having a more peppery flavor. However, the flavor can vary depending on the other ingredients that are added to the rye whiskey.

How to Drink Rye Whiskey

Whiskey has been traditionally viewed as a working-class beverage. Unlike with some beverages, there is no specific way in which you are expected to drink whiskey. It can be consumed in a tumbler, shot glass, or a nosing glass. It's an ideal drink for knocking it back. However, some fans of rye whiskey prefer to take small sips instead. 

If you think rye whiskey is too strong, try it on the rocks. A colder whiskey is easier to drink and melted ice cubes dilute it. After you have tried rye whiskey in several ways, you'll know whether you want to order another bottle.

For more information about rye whisky, reach out to a local supplier.


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