Drinks Are On Us

Drinks Are On Us

2 Tips For Getting A Liquor License

by William Fernandez

Are you in the process of opening a restaurant and applying for a liquor license? If so, you'll need to know the following tips so that you can get your license approved. 

Gather Your Documents

It's important that you gather all of the documents that you need according to your state's application process. Some of these documents that you should expect to gather are the photo IDs of everyone that owns the business, and proof that those people own the business. This means getting a certificate of incorporation with the names of the business owners listed on it. You'll also need to gather information about the place where you will be using the liquor license. This includes the certificate of title or lease agreement, zoning permits, photos of the actual business, and photos of the menu you'll be using with the drinks that are being served. Part of the process of applying for a liquor license is that you will need to submit a business plan. This is to ensure that you are accurately describing what your business does when it comes to the sale and consumption of liquor. 

Determine The Type Of Liquor License That You Want

There are multiple types of liquor licenses, and you need to decide which ones you want to apply for. An on-premise liquor license is for businesses that serve alcohol that is going to be consumed at the business location. You'll need to identify the areas of the business where your customers will be drinking alcohol. If you are selling alcohol that will be consumed away from your business, then you need an off-premise license, which is typically what you want if you own a grocery store or convenience store. In addition, there are different categories of liquor licenses. A tavern license is for a business where the primary product being sold is alcohol. A beer-and-wine license is for businesses that want to serve beer and wine, but won't be serving hard liquor. Restaurant licenses are for locations that sell alcohol, but not as the primary source of their business. Be aware that a restaurant license has thresholds where the percentage of your sales for liquor must stay below. 

Don't feel confident that you can apply for your liquor license correctly? Know that you can always hire a professional for liquor license assistance. It's the best way to guarantee that everything will go smoothly. 


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