Drinks Are On Us

Drinks Are On Us

Creative Ways To Incorporate Pale Ale Beer Into Recipes

by William Fernandez

If you're a beer lover, you may be surprised to learn that you can incorporate your favorite alcoholic beverage into everyday recipes as well. You can use almost any type of beer, including pale ale varieties, to create delicious dishes. 

Pale ale beer is known for its light golden amber hue and malty taste. Although it's not as strong-tasting as a dark ale or some other types of beer, it still has a full, rich flavor. Although it was created in England, pale ale is now a popular choice throughout the world now. 

A medium-bodied beer, pale ale can sometimes have a fruity or floral flavor due to the hops it's made with and lends itself well to a variety of recipes. From side dishes and baked goods to main courses, beer is showing up in many different types of food. 

Beer adds a unique, earthy flavor to food when combined with other complementing ingredients. Since pale ale is recognized for its hoppy flavor, too, it also gives certain recipes, such as bread, a rich, toasty touch. In some cases, you can replace another liquid, such as water, with ale. Other times, you can mix it with the other liquids. 

Here are some ideas for incorporating pale ale beer into your favorite dishes:


One of the most popular ways of using beer in recipes is by adding it to a bubbling pot of chili. Start by gathering your favorite chili ingredients, such as tomato sauce, black and kidney beans, ground beef or a meatless soy alternative, onions, peppers, and seasonings. 

Sautee the vegetables, and then add in the pale ale beer, allowing it to deglaze the pan as it cooks down. This will also allow some of the alcohol to cook out of it. Then, add in the rest of your ingredients according to your recipe.

Beer-Battered Fish

Make beer the star of the dinner show by incorporating it into your fried fish batter. Use a flour and egg-based batter recipe, adding seasonings such as black pepper, salt, and paprika as desired. Add pale ale beer instead of the usual amount of water, and then whisk all of the ingredients together until the batter is smooth. 

You can use almost any type of fresh or thawed frozen fish, including Alaskan cod, tilapia, halibut, and even shrimp if you prefer shellfish. Follow your recipe instructions and enjoy the crispy fish straight from the hot fryer alongside coleslaw and French fries. 


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