Drinks Are On Us

Drinks Are On Us

Save More Money By Repurposing Discount Wine Bottles

by William Fernandez

After the last drop of your discount wine is gone, don't throw the bottle into the recycle bin. Instead, transform it into a work of art using some craft supplies, some of which you may already have on hand. 

You can purchase discount wine from a variety of locations, including local stores and online retailers. In most cases, the quality is just as good as higher-priced bottles, and you may be able to find name brands as well. The combination of purchasing discount wine and then reusing the bottle will give you the most bang for your buck.

Although recycling your wine bottle is good for the environment, repurposing it is good for your wallet. The best part of it is that you don't have to be a professional artist to make something you are proud of showing off. You can use basic supplies and household items, such as old string lights, paints, and brushes, to create a masterpiece. As fun as wine bottle repurposing is for adults, it can be a fun project for kids as well.

You can use the crafty wine bottles in several different ways, Place them on shelves in your home for a charming, decorative touch, or use them as festive table centerpieces for holidays and special events. You can customize them to reflect interests and hobbies, as well. Decorative wine bottles also make thoughtful gifts for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings.

Here are some wine bottle repurposing ideas to get you started: 

1. Light It Up

After washing out your wine bottle using a dish detergent and allowing it to fully air dry, set it aglow using string lights. Simply feed a 10-foot-long string of battery-powered LED lights into the bottle, leaving the end portion featuring the on-and-off switch near the top, so you can easily operate it.

You can use different colored lights to represent special occasions, such as red and green for Christmas, or a blue and white for a winter wonderland-themed wedding reception. Place the bottles anywhere that needs an enchanted, twinkling touch.

2. Paint It 

Another easy by highly effective way of enhancing an empty wine bottle is with acrylic craft paint. If you prefer a matte finish, you can use chalk paint instead. You can paint designs, such as flowers, words, or hearts freestyle, or use stencils for a more precise look. 

If you want to cover the entire bottle in one color, go to a well-ventilated area and coat it with a few even layers of spray paint. Use the colorful bottle to hold handfuls of fresh or faux flowers. 


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